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Beyond Milwaukee: Matt Krajnak at Lakefront Brewery

It turns out Matt and I took similar paths into marketing. We both graduated in 2008 (he in Wisconsin, I in Minnesota) and both had the kind of majors that make people ask, “what are you going to do with that?” (he studied English an d I studied humanities.) Both of us stumbled into internships […]

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Outside Insight: Take Your Own Advice and Cut Fluff

Getting into national trade magazines like Nation’s Restaurant News and QSR Magazine means plumbing depths of the restaurant industry you didn’t know existed. Public relations people at the restaurant companies can either be your best friends or your worst nightmares. If you want to get more press coverage, you should know that we journalists do […]

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Buy Your Customers A Drink

Do you know the two most powerful words in the English language? “Free beer”. Buying someone a drink is a time-honored ritual and one that carries a lot of weight with customers. Servers know that free drinks can boost check averages (and may actually be pouring them behind your back, but that’s a subject for […]

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Keep Calling Your Ex

How valuable is a former customer? According to big and tall clothing store KingSize Direct, very valuable. I am 5’7 and 165 pounds. My shirt size is M and my pants size hovers near 32. KingSize’s smallest shirt size is L and their smallest pants size is 38. But because I bought one pair of […]

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