Current and Former Clients

What Our Clients Say…

“Robert got us national coverage in just one week [Ad Age, Grist, Civil Eats] and helped us get in touch with national-level influencers in our industry we had never been able to reach before [4x NYT bestseller Michael Pollan, Food Inc director Robert Kenner]. He is fast, professional, reliable, and responsive. Highly recommended.” – Lucie Amundsen, co-owner of  Locally Laid Egg Company

“We are very proud of your work and the accomplishments to our bottom line.” – Tom Hanson, owner, Duluth Grill

“Our successful Hopped Up Caribou Beer Fest July 2014 was, I believe, in large part to the multiple audiences Robert was able to reach throughout the state through his media relations and blog posts.” – Barb Swenson, former marketing director at  Odyssey Resorts

“As always, keep the story ideas coming!” – Melissa Burlaga, assistant news director at  WDIO