Public Relations

Have you ever wondered why some resorts and restaurants seem to be on the news all the time and others never do? Simply stated, public relations means our team uses our relationships with journalists and understanding of the business to get your restaurant or resort media coverage. Because even small news programs reach tens of thousands of people and national magazines reach millions, getting in the news this way is more cost effective than purchasing an advertisement.

This is our process.


1. Choose stories worth telling

You’re more interesting than you realize. We dig to find the things you take for granted but that media would love to know about. Even something as simple as a new menu item can be enough to get you covered, and larger stories (like events) get proportionally more coverage.

2. Create the angle

We take your news and focus it in a way that will resonate with your prospective customers. Between PR and writing we have experience with hundreds of articles and dozens of restaurants and resorts, so we’re able to take a birds-eye view and build bridges you may not see.

3. Persuade the media to cover it

Do you have the time to write targeted pitches to dozens of places and follow up consistently? Do you have contacts in important media outlets? If so, send us an email and we’ll hire you! If not, we’ve got you covered. We will focus on the marketing so that you can concentrate on running your restaurant or resort.

4. Report back with the results

Every month we send you progress reports showing what media attention your dollars are buying you.