Blogging improves your ranking in the search engines (SEO), shows your restaurant or resort’s unique personality, and lets your guests feel like they’re part of the family. It’s a “soft sell” type of advertising where instead of telling them “come stay with us” or “come eat here”, you’re showing them how much fun it would be to stay with you. It’s a way of shining the spotlight on what makes you you: your hard working staff members, special offerings, and sense of place. More importantly, it’s a way of getting customers to check out your website instead of your competitors’.

This is our process.


1. Choose stories worth telling

You’re more interesting than you realize. We serve as embedded journalists who get to know your culture and people so that we can share with the world what makes you unique.

2. Create the angle

We’ve written literally hundreds of news articles and blog posts in local, regional, and national media. We know what it takes to write a good story!

3. Craft the story

Now it’s a matter of pulling the pieces together. We take the goals you have for your image (are you upscale or down to earth? Locally sourced or globally minded?) and fuse them with words you want to rank on search engines for to create a compelling story